Vibrant Tropical Table Runner

Vibrant Tropical Table Runner

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This beautiful table runner was hand woven in Guatemala and is a true piece of art. This table runner has many details starting on the edges. You can see on the edges a very popular Huipil design and on the both ends of the table runner you can admire all the strings that make that beautiful design. This table runner has many colorful flowers and birds on it including the Quetzal. The Quetzal is Guatemala's national bird so it's very loved and popular. If you turn the table runner around you can see they did not cover the back with another fabric so you can admire all of the work that's put into this beautiful table runner to make it a one of a kind treasure!

Product features:

  • Handwoven table runner from Guatemala.
  • Approximate measurements: 68" long by 17" Wide.
  • In various colors with flowers and birds.
  • Edges of the table runner is in a popular Huipil design.
  • Each end has loose strings that make up the Huipil.
  • Beautiful uncovered back with all the work showing.

Authentic Guatemalan Handicrafts! La Tiendita Boutique Online Store imports and sells products 100% hand made in Guatemala, our merchandise is made by talented artisans from different regions of Guatemala; some of these products require many hours of hard work and a lot of effort. We work with many indigenous Mayan Womens Associations that are dedicated to their job. All the fabrics are made with waist and feet looms. A lot of the semi precious jewelry stones are cut and carved by hand and so is the wooden art that we sell. Purchasing these products will help invest on the economic development and social integration of the indigenous associations in Guatemala.